Access Thousands of College Students & Recent College Grads




Who Attends?

Core Consumer Groups

50% – College Students & Recent College Grads
(Ages 18-30)

25% – Employers / HR Reps

15% – Educators

10% – General Public

Core Demographics

35% – African-American

30% – Latino / Hispanic

20% – Asian / Pacific Islander

15% – Caucasian & Other

Expo Background

Your Turn Intern Expo is the 1st, largest and most diverse national internship expo that features robust numbers of exhibited internships, several peer & professinal networking activations, and a highly-anticipated professional delopment series in one day, under one roof in each of our current service territorities.

Attendee Profile

Your Turn Intern Expo attracts and brings together a sigificantly divese consumer base of college students & recent college grads (ages 18-30), employers and educators to engage, professionally develop, network, and share information in major cities located in each of our current service territorities.


Exhibitor Highlights


Employers Indicate Internships Provide Best Return on Investment as a Recruitment Strategy


Interns Offered Job at Company Where Internship Completed


Expected Increase in Hiring of Interns in 2023

Hear From National Leaders

  • ”University officials and employers almost universally maintain that partaking in an internship, sets a student apart from his or her peers and is integral to finding meaningful employment in today’s seemingly impenetrable job Market.” — US News & World Report
  • “Companies that embrace diversity gain higher market share and a competitive edge in accessing new markets.” — PWC
  • “The spending power of Gen Z is on the increase. In 2022, it was estimated that their spending power at over $360 billion in disposable income, more than  double what was estimated three years ago.” — Business Insider

Hear From Exhibitors

Why Exhibit?

  • Reach, connect with, and recruit from among thousands of college students & recent grads in 1 day and under 1 roof, allowing you to streamline HR resources.
  • Make direct contact onsite with potential new talent for your company.
  • Generate immediate leads and interviews on the spot.
  • Promote your products & services. 
  • Build your name recognition & brand.
  • Show your company’s support for diversity & inclusion efforts.
  • Make valuable contacts with key business, educational and community decision-makers.
  • Support aspiring leaders from your company’s service territories.
  • Leverage marketing opportunities to meet company objectives.
  • Internships offer the best return on investment for entry-level recruiting according to national research.


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