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Internship Expo

Your Turn Intern Expo At A Glance

We host highly-anticipated expos that exhibit record numbers of internships benefiting college students & recent college grads.  Each show also recognizes intern achievement, promotes robust employer diversity & recruitment opportunities, and provides practical professional development onsite for students, human resource professionals, and educators.

What To Expect

  • 500+ internships exhibited at each show, with thousands presented nationally
  • Thought provoking, practical, & best practice driven professional development workshops, seminars, panel discussions
  • Highly Coveted Annual 30 Under 30 Most Powerful Intern Awards
  • Extensive Peer & Professional Networking Opportunities
  • Culminating Celebrity Meet & Greets & Happy Hour


Recruit Talent

Meet Employers

Gather Resources

Whether you’re a current student or recent grad looking to land that game changing internship that is being exhibited onsite, a business or agency seeking to recruit untapped talent, or an educator planning to secure resources to benefit your educational institution and student population…plan for an unforgettable experience at Your Turn Intern Expo!

30 Under 30

The contributions of interns matter and there’s no place that makes this more evident than the expo center stage that presents the Your Turn Intern “30 under 30”! In each of our service territories, we honor 30 of the most powerful and impactful interns that have achieved exemplary academic merit, significant workplace impact and notable results during their internship. Will you be the next to walk down the red carpet and receive this extraordinary recognition? 2024 Call for Nominations are underway in all territories!

30 Under 30

Impactful Interns

2024 Call For Nominations

Professional Development

Panel Discussions


Keynote Speakers

As a leading authority in the internship industry, we recognize that practical, professional skills knowledge for college students & recent grads, along with ongoing professional development for employers and educators is absolutely essential to meet the ever-changing needs of serving interns around the Nation! With a combination of workshops, panel discussions, networking activities, keynote speakers and more onsite at our Expo or virtually through our webinars, Your Turn Intern keeps you in the know!

Speed Networking

In the Speed Networking Zone, the elevator pitch rules and seizing the moment counts, as ambitious internship seekers are seated and literally come face to face with opportunity to secure contacts and engage with over 100 leaders representing nonprofit, private and public sector companies and agencies.

Recruit Talent

Meet Employers

Gather Resources

Hear From Others


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