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30 Under 30

The contributions of interns matter and there is no place that makes this more evident than Your Turn Intern Expo’s center stage that presents the Your Turn Intern 30 under 30 Most Powerful Intern Awards. Each year, Human Resource Managers, Business Owners, Community Leaders, and College / University Staff from our current service territories nominate interns for this prestigious recognition. The award recognizes interns that have demonstrated exemplary performance in their current internship placement, and whom are making a monumental impact for the company or agency to which they are placed, as well as in the external community served by the company or agency.


  • Nominations can be submitted on an ongoing basis by HR Managers, Business Owners, Community Leaders & College / University Staff. Interns cannot nominate themselves.
  • Nominee must be either currently enrolled at a 2-year or 4-year college or university, or must be a recent college graduate (graduated within the last 12 months).
  • Nominee must be in good academic standing with his or her university, or must have been in good academic standing with his or her university, if a recent college graduate.
  • Nominee must be currently placed at an internship with a private, public or nonprofit sector company or agency located within our current service territories.
  • Nominee must be in good standing in current internship placement, and demonstrating exemplary performance, to be verified with host company or agency.
  • Nominee must demonsrate that his or her efforts are making a monumental impact in the company or agency where placed, as well as in the external community.

Nomination & Selection Process

  • Nominators located in one of our current service territories complete our simplified 2-Step process as outlined below to stay informed and nominate eligible intern candidates.
  • Your Turn Intern establishes contact with nominee to request his or her resume and applicable verifications.
  • Nominee submits resume and applicable verifications to Your Turn Intern.
  • Your Turn Intern Regional Committee interviews, considers, and scores all nominees and renders selection recommendations to Your Turn Intern Executive Committee.
  • Your Turn Intern Executive Committee renders official selection and honorees are notified via email and mail of selection status.
  • Your Turn Intern Expo production team invites selected honorees to the Your Turn Intern 30 Under 30 Awards Ceremony.

Do you have an intern, or know of an intern, that is making a difference in your company, agency and/or community?

We want to know! Nominate an intern today!

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