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A portion of our proceeds is committed annually toward reinvesting back into local diverse communities. While we know that our expos contribute significantly toward economic impact thru robust internship placements, bringing jobs to local communities and support to local businesses, we are also very committed to making a lasting impact in each of our current service territories thru our charitable affiliates.

Our Corporate Giving Priorities

Award Internship Grants

Award Internship Grants

$1,000.00 Grants

$2,000.00 Grants

$3,000.00 Grants

$5,000.00 Grants

Sponsor Student Leadership Activities

Sponsor Student Leadership Activities

Student Government Annual Conferences

Campus Club & Org Meetings & Activities 

Campus Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

Greek Life Student Empowerment Events

Fund Business Start-Ups

Fund Business Start-Ups

Initial Corporate Filings

Company Logo Design

Company Website Design 

Executive Coaching 


Financial Aid Awarded

Sponsored Student Leadership Activities

Donated Business Start-Up Services

We have streamlined the process to better meet your needs with two simple steps. First, join our email list so that you stay informed with ongoing status updates and notifications applicable to your area of interest. Second, complete and submit your online application!


We Turn Unpaid Internships Into Paid Internships

As a leading authority in the internship industry, we recognize that interns need a financial aid boost while securing workplace experience. As a result, a portion of proceeds from our expo activities fund year-round competitive internship grants to benefit deserving college students that are placed in unpaid and paid internships at our partnering private, public, and nonprofit sector companies and agencies located in our current service territories.

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Sponsoring Nonprofit Campus Clubs & Community Organizations

We proudly sponsor student leadership development activities and events, both in the community and on college campuses around the Nation, within our current service territories. From student government and other university recognized campus clubs, to 501c3 charities located in the community, Your Turn Intern sponsors activities and events that seek to empower, support and provide leadership development services and opportunities that benefit, aspiring college students, current college students, and/or recent college grads. Whether it’s an annual conferences, outreach activities, routine meetings, workshops, campus tabling events, networking mixers, and more, Your Turn Intern is here to support!

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Providing a Boost to Entreprenuers

For college students and recent graduates seeking to start their own businesses, we can help! Our in-kind micro-grants through our affiliate, NBUSIBLE LLC, helps students and recent graduates by funding their initial corporate filings, logo & website design, executive coaching and more! Whether you are still enrolled or have recently graduated and simply need help with some of the basics to get going, Your Turn Intern has a resource to help!

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