“A college education is great, but a college education plus an internship is even better.”
— Jason L. Seward, Founder & Executive Producer

The Need


Increase in Employability Due to Internship Experience


Percentage of Employers Hiring Their Interns for Full-Time Jobs

Number  of Baby Boomers Retiring Daily

The Mission

We were founded on the simple belief that a business can be a force for the good.  As such, our mission is to increase workforce matriculation among diverse college students and recent college graduates by presenting expos that exhibit record numbers of internships, promoting employer recruitment opportunities and providing a unique professional development platform


  • 2016: Your Turn Intern Expo & Celebrity Fest is officially formed in the State of California.
  • 2017: Your Turn Intern Expo, our flagship production, is officially launched in California at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  Note: Link to EXPO Page
  • 2017-2019: Your Turn Intern Expo is piloted in the State of California to resounding success.
  • 2020-2022: Your Turn Intern Expo was postponed due to local and state COVID-19 public health mandates, large public gathering restrictions and subsequent precautions.
  • 2022: Our company rebranded to Your Turn Intern to harness the strength of our core corporate name ID, align consumer base appeal and maximize our growth potential.
  • 2022: Our 501c3 Affiliate, Your Turn Intern Charities, Inc., was established to guide and grow our charitable reinvestment back into our Expo service territories to fund internship grants, leadership development activities, and business start-ups. Note: Link to CHARITY Page
  • 2022: Your Turn Intern On-Demand launched to present our highly-coveted 3 tracks of professional development online via webinars to enhance virtual access for college students & recent grads, employers & educators. Note: Link to WEBINARS Page
  • 2023:  Our highly-anticipated national training and franchise onboarding affiliate, Your Turn Intern University, was officially unveiled.  
  • 2023: Your Turn Intern VLOGS was created to share the compelling and inspirational journeys of interns worldwide. Note: Link to VLOGS Page
  • 2023: Your Turn Intern embarked upon a historical listening tour throughout the United States to secure and incorporate consumer input to further advance our national expansion and expo productions in 2024.

Core Values

Creating Robust Intern Recruitment Opportunities

We are committed to hosting Your Turn Intern Expo in major cities around the U.S. that position employers to effectively attract and recruit college students and recent college graduates into internship opportunities.

Delivering Best Practices Driven Professional Development

Whether live onsite at our expos, or during our ongoing on-line webinars, our professional development workshops, keynote speakers, and panel discussions significantly inform, educate and advance college students & recent college gradates, educators and employers. 

Embracing & Promoting Diversity & Inclusion

We are leading the charge in partnership with private, public and nonprofit sector employers to advance the next generation of talent representing diverse backgrounds, communities and perspectives in order to build and retain a more inclusive workplace. 

Reinvesting thru Impactful Charity

We believe in significantly reinvesting back into the territories where we host Your Turn Intern Expo productions by supporting and funding internship grants, leadership development and business start-up. 


Jason L. Seward, MPA

Founder & Executive Producer

Founder’s Message

I never forgot where it all began!  Yes, the internship…. that initial door that was opened, that pivotal opportunity to test the waters…. the rest was history!  As a point of inspiration, many would say I experienced a meteoric rise to leadership.  Having gone from intern to Legislative Aid, to Presidential Advisor, to Philanthropist & Global Entrepreneur.  However, it is not the titles that will remain most near to my memory.  Instead, I will forever remember and cherish the journey, the people that I helped along the way, and most importantly, that it all started with the internship!

The initial internship opportunity helped me to build confidence, polish my professional acumen, fine-tune direction, and turn my passion into my profession.  Now more than ever, internships are the key gateway into a competitive workforce facing today’s college students and recent graduates.  Employers can be highly selective about whom they hire in the current job market, and in most cases, all prefer to hire graduates that bring some level of practical experience to the table.  Remember, a college degree is great, but a college degree plus an internship is even better!

Whether you are looking for an internship as a student or recent college grad, an employer looking to engage untapped talent and promote your business, or an educator looking to expand your network and identify resources to benefit your college or university……Your Turn Intern is here for you!

We look forward to sharing our unforgettable shows and resources with you. Meanwhile, we encourage you to stay informed by joining our email list to receive ongoing updates as we complete our multi-city listening tour in 2023, incorporate input and further advance our national expansion in 2024!




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