Interns make monumental contributions to companies and communities every day. As such, we also seek to accentuate their achievements at our show!

Do you have an intern, or know of an intern, that is making a difference in your company, agency and/or community? We want to know! Nominate him or her today for the 2019 Most Powerful Intern Awards at Your Turn Intern Expo 2019! Nominations accepted and reviewed for selection consideration thru February 13, 2019. If selected, he or she will be officially honored to recognize their contributions to your company and/or the community, as well as prioritized for our internship grant consideration in our 2019 grant cycle.


1. Complete all fields in this form to initiate nomination process.
2. In the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION section below, tell us why intern is being nominated, impact of their work, etc.
3. Press large SUBMIT button at the bottom of the portal.
4. A member of our production team will notify your nominee of his or her nomination and secure any needed items for Committee review & consideration.


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