The Mission

To arrange and present expos that exhibit a record number of internships, promote employer recruitment opportunities, and enhance professional networking avenues between human resource professionals and college career center managers.

The first of its kind..... a national two-day expo dedicated specifically to bringing 1000+ internships and a culminating entertainment experience to a region near you!  Yes.....Your Turn Intern Expo & Celebrity Fest 2017 is coming to Los Angeles.

Major Partners

Mega96.3 Edison Enterprise Edison KNX Radio 2070 94.7 Wave

The Expo

  • College Students & Recent Grads access over 1000+ paid and non-paid internship opportunities being exhibited at the world-class Los Angeles Convention Center that will target current college students and individuals that have recently graduated within the prior 12 months. College ID will be required onsite to verify current college student or recent graduate status in order to receive the college student/recent graduate registration rate.
  • Employers are afforded a unique niche opportunity to recruit from a pool of thousands of prospective interns under one roof, while also promoting and advertising their business.
  • Career Center Managers network and develop relationships with human resource professionals and other career center managers from around the Nation.
  • Expo attendees, partners, presenters, special guests, sponsors, and exhibitors will have exclusive access to our 2017 Your Turn Intern Celebrity Fest, a culminating entertainment experience at the conclusion of the expo, to be hosted in the LA Live entertainment complex in downtown Los Angeles.

What to Expect Onsite

  • 1000+ Internships on the Exhibit Floor
  • Onsite Radio & Talk Show Engagement
  • Onsite Hiring Opportunities
  • Promote Your Business & Advertise
  • We Turn Unpaid Internships Into Paid Internships
  • Special Guest Appearances
  • Tons of Prizes, Contests & Give-a-Ways
  • Human Resource Managers Access Untapped Talent
  • Distinguished Speaker Series
  • Students Network With Peers from 50+ Universities & Colleges
  • Intern Throwback Moments of Inspiration Showcase
  • Access Latest Best Practices in Intern Talent Acquisition
  • Career Center Managers Network & Expand Resources
  • Attend Receptions and Awards Ceremonies
  • Attend Celebrity Fest 2017

What Students & Employers are Saying