Your Turn Intern Expo & Celebrity Fest

Founder’s Message

I never forgot where it all began!  Yes, the internship…. that initial door that was opened, that pivotal opportunity to test the waters…. the rest was history!  As a point of inspiration, many would say I experienced a meteoric rise to leadership.  Having gone from intern, to philanthropist, to Presidential Advisor, to Entrepreneur.  However, it is not the titles that will remain most near to my memory.  Instead, I will forever remember and cherish the journey, the people that I helped along the way, and most importantly, that it all started with the internship!

The initial internship opportunity helped me to build confidence, polish my professional acumen, fine-tune direction, and turn my passion into my profession.  Now more than ever, internships are the key gateway into a competitive workforce facing today’s college students and recent graduates.  Employers can be highly selective about whom they hire in the current job market, and in most cases, all prefer to hire graduates that bring some level of practical experience to the table.  Remember, a college degree is great, but a degree, plus real-world experience is even better!

Whether you are looking for a Spring 2019, Summer 2019 or Fall 2019 internship as a student or recent grad, an employer looking to engage untapped talent and promote your business, or an educator looking to expand your network……our national consumer show, Your Turn Intern Expo & Celebrity Fest, is where you want to be!

We look forward to sharing this unforgettable show in 2019 with you and encourage you to stay informed with updates meanwhile!

Founder & Executive Producer

Stay Informed!